Photography & Videography

Photography & Videography

Not every business story is the same, and our experienced scriptwriters, photographers and videographers are trained professionals who have mastered the skills to capture moments that are impactful, unique and visually striking.

Video Advertising

Find and capture more valuable customers with engaging video ads

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Why Video Advertising?

Video advertising is a powerful tool for reaching your target customers and converting their attention into actions that have a genuine impact on your business. The most effective ways to use video are through Paid Ads across platforms like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, or by incorporating video content into your Website Landing Pages to drive conversions.

At eWings Media we can help you develop a multi-channel video advertising strategy and create engaging video ads to drive results for your business. We also partner with a number of video production companies that each have their own unique service offering, so we can help find the best video solution for your business.



How to Use Video For Your Business

Whether you’re looking to increase sales for your online store or generate leads through your website, there are many different types of videos that can help you achieve your key objectives.

Demo Videos

Give your customers an opportunity to get an in-depth look at your products before purchasing


Brand Videos

Build brand awareness by sharing your story, mission or values in a unique and memorable way.

Explainer Videos

Help your audience understand why they need your product or service.

Animated Videos

These videos can be useful for explaining an unusual service or product.

Testimonial & Case Study Videos

Use the power of social proof to persuade your customers to purchase.


How Do Paid Video Ads Work?

Platforms like Facebook and YouTube provide a multitude of opportunities for you to connect with and convert your target audience through different video ad formats.

YouTube Video Ads

With 16.3 million Australians spending an average of 25 hours on YouTube each month, YouTube video ads provide valuable opportunities to get your brand in front of highly relevant audiences.

Maximise Reach & Awareness: Even strong Google Search campaigns miss a huge portion of undecided shoppers. Fortunately, 85% of these people are also reachable on YouTube, giving you more opportunities to reach your key customers.

Target Your Ideal Audience: YouTube’s targeting capabilities allow you to leverage data from Google Search and other Google properties, so you can reach audiences based on their habits, interests, search intent and more.

Convert Viewers into Customers: Once you’ve captured their attention, YouTube’s video ad formats make it easy for viewers to take the next step towards purchasing, with a clear call to action.

Measure the Business Impact: Our team will help you measure the conversions driven by views and clicks on your YouTube ads and use this data to continuously optimise and improve your campaigns.

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Facebook Video Ads

Video content is currently dominating social channels. Facebook gives you more opportunities to reach your audience, with the ability to build video ads in a range of different formats and choose where they appear on the platform.

Our team will work with you to determine your campaign objectives and formulate the most effective video strategy for your business.

In-stream: Capture the attention of the most engaged viewers by creating ads that play in the videos people are watching, similar to TV ads.

In the Feed: Get your brand in front of people in the space where they share ideas and inspiration, with slideshows, carousels, collections and more.

In Stories: Create quick, engaging and interactive videos for Facebook and Instagram stories.

Get in touch with eWings Media today to learn more about Video Advertising and how we can help you incorporate video into your digital marketing strategy!

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