Your brand is so much more than your logo. It’s how people feel about you, your company, or your products. We help businesses by creating impactful brands through strategy, creativity and seamless roll-out.



Strategy — Design — Roll-out

Let's get these steps right from the first go! To put it simply,
1 - we will first plan the look and feel and the personality of your brand,
2 - then we will design your brand and make it look like a place your customers would like to shop from.
3 - The final step will help you to make your brand known. We will get your brand in front of your potential customers. 

Brand Strategy

Brand Audit – Analyse where your brand belongs in the marketplace by identifying its strengths and weaknesses. This internal evaluation will clarify your brand values, mission and company culture.

Competitive Analysis – Identify major competitors in your marketplace, research their products, sales and marketing strategies.

Brand Strategy & Positioning – Develop a strategy that will effectively portray the brand's value and position itself within its target audience's mind.

Brand Engagement – Build a relationship with your audience and create an emotional connection to your brand. Loyalty and worth-of-mouth marketing is powerful.

Design team-bro

Brand Design

Naming – Brand naming is an obvious but important factor for success in the marketplace. It must be unique, motivational to employees and should be able to send a clear message to its audience.

Brand Identity – Your brand has many elements within its identity that allows it to sets itself apart from its competitors. Your brand’s colour, design and logo must be easily recognisable by its consumers through its products and promotions.

Brand Personality – A brand's personality are its characteristics to which their consumers can relate to. By being consistent in their message and motivation, your brand's consumers will eventually become advocates.

Brand Guidelines – Communication is key. Your brand must have a specific tone-of-voice to use when sending messages to its consumers. This is based on your brand's personality.

Brand Roll-out

  • Collateral
  • Campaigns
  • Communication
  • Exhibitions